A weekly digest of ideas, news, and research in environmental communication
Environmental Keyword: 'Green-Grabbing' + Fabrice Monteiro's Prophecy series + Tips for academics on how to talk to journalists + A new vision for…
Don't Look Up + The Greenwashing Files + Frack-Off: Social Media Fights Against Fracking in Argentina + More!
A recap of 2021 with some of the memorable keywords, tools, research, ideas, tweets, and quotes in ecolinguistics and environmental communication I…
Environmental keyword: 'enabling entanglements' + Writing auto-eco-biographies + 'Understory' documentary + an interview with Amitav Ghosh + more!
Environmental keyword: The Phonocene + Media Hot and Cold + A Documentary on language, power and activism + more!
Environmental keyword: 'Climate Lyricism' + What we talk about when we talk about politics + Storying Climate Knowledge + more!
Environmental Keyword: 'Convivial Conservation' + Celebrating Old Growth + Speaking of Nature + The Wider Influence of Everyday Conversations + more!
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