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A weekly digest of ideas, news, and research in ecolinguistics, ecowriting and ecocultural communication

Welcome to Wild Ones by me, Gavin Lamb, Ph.D

Wild Ones is a weekly digest of research, creative and inspiring ideas, and practical tools from the fields of ecolinguistics and environmental communication.

  • Every Sunday (which sometimes becomes Monday:), I share educational, inspiring, and creative ideas in ecolinguistics, ecowriting, and ecocultural communication: it might be new research updates, intriguing theories, helpful tools, or inspiring quotes for you to consider in your own life and work as an advocate for a more healthy, just, and sustainable world. 

Wild Ones aims to help you make sense of the current moment of socio-ecological crisis we find ourselves in by carving out a helpful space of insight into how language, culture, and communication shape how we think, feel, and act on environmental issues.

In addition to the weekly digest, from time to time I’ll also run essays on timely topics and debates in ecolinguistics and environmental communication, interviews with compelling people, recommendations for essays and books, and even high-stakes items like tips on buying the best sustainable surf wax:)

Whether you’re a journalist, community activist, science communicator, academic, outdoors enthusiast, animal advocate, urban gardener, soul surfer, or just someone wondering how language and communication can be used to promote a happier, healthier, and more sustainable world, then subscribe to Wild Ones, I would love for you to join!

- Gavin

On a side note, my inspiration for naming this little eco-digest ‘Wild Ones’ comes from the journalist Jon Mooallem’s excellent book: Wild Ones: A Sometimes Dismaying, Weirdly Reassuring Story About Looking at People Looking at Animals in America.

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