A weekly digest of ideas, news, and research in ecolinguistics, ecowriting and ecocultural communication
Rhetorics of dispossession in Papua New Guinea + Future Ecologies Podcast + Hurricanes Get Names. What About Heat Waves? + More!
Environmental keyword: Communicative Power + 'Wild Souls' a new book by Emma Marris + Storytelling and Ecology + More!
Environmental Keyword: 'The Captivity Paradox' and the Modern Zoo + A Green Approach to Linguistics + Visualizing Climate Change + More!
The Role of Universities in Facilitating Academic Advocacy and Activism + An interview with Robert Macfarlane + Climate Communication in the News + Mor…
Environmental keyword: 'vector' + TRAC:COVID pandemic communication dashboard + Language and climate justice + more!
'Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future' + Climate guilt brought to you by big oil + Sonic Antarctica + more!
Environmental keyword: 'Probiotic' + Communicating Carbon Offsets + Finding the Mother Tree: How trees talk to each other + More!
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